{"pagetitle":"5 Star Auto Testimonials","writereview":"https:\/\/5starautoplazareviews.com\/write-your-review\/","poweredby":"https:\/\/5starautoplazareviews.com\/wp-content\/themes\/reviews\/images\/poweredby.png","star":"https:\/\/5starautoplazareviews.com\/wp-content\/themes\/reviews\/images\/star5.png","more":"Read more...","reviews":[{"rvdate":"Thursday, 15 August 2019","rvtext":"I have done decent business with a few car dealerships but none of them were as great as these guys. I found that the sales process was very quick and they cut us a GREAT deal. I would do business again without hesitation.","rvlink":"https:\/\/5starautoplazareviews.com\/st-louis-used-cars-4\/","rvname":"Mason Jacobs","rvaddress":"St. Louis,MO"},{"rvdate":"Monday, 1 July 2019","rvtext":"A Review For 5 Star Auto Plaza...\r\n\r\nI was in a hurry and everyone there rushed to help me so the process went quickly and professionally so I could get my son from school (in my new car! ).","rvlink":"https:\/\/5starautoplazareviews.com\/st-louis-cars-for-sale\/","rvname":"Kristy L","rvaddress":"St Louis,MO"},{"rvdate":"Thursday, 9 May 2019","rvtext":"They did me a great deal by working with\u00a0\u00a0me on my trade in. I got into something I actually wanted and didn't break the bank.","rvlink":"https:\/\/5starautoplazareviews.com\/st-charles-used-cars-5\/","rvname":"Lizzy M. ","rvaddress":"St. Charles,MO"},{"rvdate":"Thursday, 4 April 2019","rvtext":"5 Star Auto Plaza even won my husband over with their sales techniques. There was no high pressure tactics or belittling us. I was also impressed with all the clean cars and their selection. I would go back without hesitation.","rvlink":"https:\/\/5starautoplazareviews.com\/st-charles-used-cars-4\/","rvname":"Meradith Schmidt","rvaddress":"St. Charles,MO"},{"rvdate":"Sunday, 3 March 2019","rvtext":"I made an appointment at 5 Star Auto Plaza. They showed me the car and gave me a test drive. They were\u00a0\u00a0very friendly, courteous, and didn't try to hard sell me. The car sold itself, yet they made the experience easy.","rvlink":"https:\/\/5starautoplazareviews.com\/chesterfield-used-cars\/","rvname":"Mandy K. ","rvaddress":"Chesterfield,MO"},{"rvdate":"Thursday, 28 February 2019","rvtext":"I found the gentlemen\u00a0\u00a0I dealt with at 5 Start Auto Plaza quite respectful and seemed to really have my best interest at heart . My salesman really worked with me on picking out the perfect car for me. I appreciated the personalized approach he offered.","rvlink":"https:\/\/5starautoplazareviews.com\/st-louis-used-cars-3\/","rvname":"Mark Swenson","rvaddress":"St. Louis,MO"},{"rvdate":"Tuesday, 22 January 2019","rvtext":"Didn't have to go through a big deal on getting a deal. I told them what I thought the car was worth and they worked with me to get me there.","rvlink":"https:\/\/5starautoplazareviews.com\/ofallon-used-cars\/","rvname":"Chris Long","rvaddress":"O\u2019Fallon,MO"},{"rvdate":"Friday, 14 December 2018","rvtext":"I\u00a0\u00a0wanted a new car for myself so I started checking out some cars online. I found a Lexus LS430 and decided it was the perfect car for me, I just needed to find the right priced one. I found one at 5 Star Auto Plaza, they worked within my budget and I got the car I wanted!!","rvlink":"https:\/\/5starautoplazareviews.com\/st-peters-used-cars-2\/","rvname":"Sandra Johnson","rvaddress":"St. Peters,MO"},{"rvdate":"Sunday, 4 November 2018","rvtext":"They gave me a great price on my trade in and the overall price was very fair according to blue book. I am more than pleased with how the service was here.","rvlink":"https:\/\/5starautoplazareviews.com\/st-louis-used-cars-2\/","rvname":"James S","rvaddress":"St. Louis,MO"},{"rvdate":"Thursday, 11 October 2018","rvtext":"Friendly faces and attitudes made all the difference for me from past experiences. They even detailed my suv upon delivery. Great experience.","rvlink":"https:\/\/5starautoplazareviews.com\/st-charles-used-cars-3\/","rvname":"Adam P. ","rvaddress":"St. Charles,MO"}]}